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Mitek 20/20

Mitek 20/20 is actually a suite of separate applications designed for various specific purposes such as managing jobs, creating engineered frame & truss designs, associated consent and builders layouts and the generation and archiving of required job files. These final job files can then be provided to available factory machinery which can assist in the cutting and fabrication process of the actual frames and trusses.

Many of these applications are also designed to interact with one another, share information and work together as required to complete a specific workflow that can begin even before the actual detailing role from the initial job creation and scheduling, to the actual detailing process of preparing and designing the frame & truss structures via architectural plans and other supporting document references to the manufacturing and then final delivery of the completed frames and trusses to the associated building sites.

Mitek 20/20 also provides various reporting features that can be used to analyse and determine the state of various aspects of each job such as the use and requirement of materials, labour and costing components. This information is also stored within various database files that can be referenced from other external 3rd party applications such as Microsoft Excel when configured correctly to do so.

NOTICE: Further information regarding Mitek 20/20 is only available to authorised users!